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Our Flavours

Our signature flavours have been honed over years of practice, and highlight the best of local and seasonal produce. We are happy to accommodate any particular requests you may have, and most flavours are easily adapted to become gluten free, dairy free or vegan.

  • Vanilla white spelt and strawberry

  • Lemon elderflower and almond

  • Chocolate rye and chicory

  • Carrot cardamom and walnut

  • Raspberry rose

  • Coffee walnut and wholemeal spelt

  • Brown butter cardamom and peach (Summer)/damson sloe (Winter)

  • Black lime toasted coconut and passionfruit

  • Lemon poppyseed and vanilla bean

  • Tonka bean and black cherry

  • Apricot orange blossom and chamomile

  • Meadowsweet almond and blackberry (Summer)

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