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Vegan cinnamon spiced banana cake with cacao chunks and brown sugar frosting.


Allergens: gluten, nuts.


Ingredients: bananas, organic wheat flour, dark rye flour, brown sugar, soya milk, vegetable oil, cinnamon, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, apple cider vinegar, salt, vanilla, cacao, icing sugar, vegan butter (contains soya, shea and almonds)


Suitable for freezing.

Choconana cake

  • 9" round double layer sandwich cake. 16 portions. £20.00 or £1.25 per portion.

    12" square single layer slab cake. 18 portions. £20.00 or £1.11 per portion.

    Individual mini cake with centre filling. 6 per batch at £1.73 per portion.

    Loaf cake with frosted topping. 16 portions. £19.00 or £1.18 per portion.

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