Gluten Free

If you ever get asked to make a gluten free cake, which is increasingly the case at this end anyway, you might be mistaken in thinking that simply subbing out the flour for a GF variety would do the trick. Technically yes, it will work, but more than likely you will find yourself with a rather dry and crumbly cake, often with a rather starchy aftertaste.

Firstly- best brands I recommend are Shipton Mill and Dove's Farm, both of which you can order online or from some supermarkets. I have tried most of the supermarket own brand versions too, and find them less successful on the whole.

If converting a recipe from wheat based to GF, then as a general rule I would create a ratio of dry goods to include ground almonds along with the flour. Obviously check that nuts are ok to use first! For example- 180g wheat flour is subbed for 110g GF flour and 70g almonds with a tsp of baking powder.

I tend to also add an extr