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Top secret carrot cake recipe

Without doubt, carrot cake is the most popular request for both classes and markets- there is just something about the combo of spiced, moist sponge with a thick cream cheese frosting topping... insanely good! I often get asked what recipe I use for my carrot cake, and the truth is that its evolved over time and tends to be seasonal too! What I am going to give you though, is my 'base' carrot cake recipe and then offer a few suggestions for tweaking it to your own taste at home... your welcome!

9" Carrot Cake Recipe

To prep before you get started...

450g grated carrots

1 orange zest

1 lemon zest

425g unsalted butter

425g light brown sugar

300g self raising flour

125g wholewheat or spelt flour

7 eggs

1tsp baking powder

2tsp bicarbonate of soda

2tsp cinnamon

Optional extras

1tsp ground cardamom/ginger/nutmeg

150g sultanas/cranberries/apricots

100g-150g walnuts/flaked almonds

1/2 a tin of tinned peaches/pineapple


Cream together the butter, sugar and zests until pale in colour and fluffy. Meanwhile weigh out flours, spices and bicarb/baking powder into a bowl, crack eggs into a jug, and break up with a fork.

Add eggs slowly to the batter, adding a spoon of flour mix if it starts to curdle until all is combined. Add carrots and any other ingredients you are using and combine before adding the rest of the flour mix and folding in.

Grease and line a 9" round tin (this recipe will fill 1 x deep tin or 2 x sandwich tins) before spooning the mix in and baking at 180C in a convection oven for 40-50 minutes. If using sandwich tins, check after 20 minutes, as they will take less baking.

Note- as mentioned, I tend to vary ingredients according to seasonality- for example, in Summer I like to use cardamon and tinned peaches or pineapple in the batter, whereas Winter calls for all the spices and dried fruits... sometimes a splash of brandy!

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