Porridge bread recipe from Tivoli Road Bakery

Bread has always been my first love- after I left publishing and moved to San Francisco, my diploma was in breads; specialising in sourdough. There is an alchemy to bread making which I still find magical (and frustrating on occasion) and is beyond the control of my recipes or scales. Weather, environment, the baker even, all affect the process and finished product, but the skill is learning to adapt to those variables and don't beat yourself up when it goes terribly wrong!

This recipe is one of my favourite go to comfort breads. It invariably always works out and tastes amazing to boot. I use something called a dutch oven for baking sourdough at home, and this is what will get you to that crunchy, chewy crust so indicative of sourdough. I add however, this is a recipe for confident bakers who already have their starter bubbly and active.

Michael and Pippa James, who run Tivoli Road Bakery in Melbourne subscribe to the philosophy that local, natural ingredients are always best, a philosophy I also apply to my work, andI would recommend their book as a great read as well as filled with lots of lovely recipes. Here in the meantime is their recipe with a few tweaks:

Butter toasted porridge loaf. Makes one loaf.

Porridge Ingredients:

10g unsalted butter

40g rolled oats

80g full fat milk

pinch of salt to taste

Starter build: